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About us

Law firm in Warsaw

We are general practice law firm providing comprehensive legal services for individuals, entrepreneurs and others.

Thanks to cooperation with specialists in various areas of practice we can provide complex services - strictly legal as well as related to any law issues you might have.

The Law Firm cooperates with a notary public, bailiff, patent attorney, property appraisers, as well as a mediator and psychologist.

Law firm in Warsaw

How do we work?

Free consultation

We do not charge any fees for the first meeting where your current legal situation and possible further proceedings are discussed.

Immediate action

We know that time matters, so we immediately take the necessary steps in the case

Constant contact

We make sure that our clients have quick and reliable contact with the lawyer handling their cases.

Practice Areas




Inheritance & Property division

Consumer bankruptcy



Intellectual property

Employment & Insurance


International proceedings


Negotiations and mediation


Debt collection

Debt collection

Individual entrepreneurs

Start-up support

Competition Law

Associations and Foundations

Economic criminal law

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Law firm in Warsaw

Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Jakub Biernacki
ul. Szeligowska 25
01-319 Warszawa
Tel: +48 530 208 489
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NIP 6731764169
REGON 362134102
nr konta bankowego: 22 1910 1048 2756 0001 1605 0001

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